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Hello, I'm Paul

If you're looking for personal training in the Birmingham area, then look no further. I've been a personal trainer now for 6 years, and have a wide range of clients. From clients who are looking to lose weight to clients who are wanting to bulk up.

If you are looking for a personal trainer that will stand by the side of a treadmill and watch you sweat, then that's not me. I like to get involved in your session as much as possible and am more than happy to join in.

I am a nutritional expert, so alongside planning your training I can tell you exactly what to eat to get the body of your dreams.

Tyromnne Hardy

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Case Study Scott Lucas

When I met Paul just 2 years ago I was around 15 stone, and most of that was fat. I didn't feel particularly healthy. As a 28 year old guy I had done very little sports all my life and had never set foot inside a gym.

I wanted to be healthy, shed the pounds and I would be lying if I said deep down I didn't want to have bulging biceps and a 6 pack, but I never thought that would be remotely possible. The main goal was to shed the pounds and go from a size XL T-Shirt to a Medium.

Within 4 months I dropped to a size large and for the first time in my life I was looking in the mirror and was feeling good about myself.

2 years on from meeting Paul, my body is in great shape and I recently had the confidence to take part in my own photoshoot! You can see how amazing the results are.

Tyromnne Hardy